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A thriving, active online community filled with resellers and collectors. Everyone is here to complete their destined collections or make their profits! We all share the same common goal; and that is to obtain.

Active Community

An active, global community that has been well established since 2017 ready to help one another.

Exclusive Information

Access to information you won't find anywhere else on the newest and latest products to make profits on.

Real-time Alerts

Receive alerts in real time for restocks on your favorite collectibles as well as new products!

About Us

IHOF (International House of Fun) is a dedicated online Discord community for collectible enthusiasts; both, resellers and collectors. We provide resources to assist our members with securing the hottest and latest collectibles to ensure all of our members are able to secure what they want with ease. With our monitors, you’ll never miss a restock again!

Resources & Guidance

With the resources we provide, you will unlock your reselling potential and obtain more than you ever did before.

Lightning-fast Monitors

Our monitors are lightning fast and will alert you in real-time on shock drops and random restocks that can occur at any time.

Unanimous Community

Our community is full of like-minded people just like you, looking to secure for their collection or profit.

I was a noob who tried reselling alone. I didn’t know anything about how this world works. Monitors, cook groups, bots, etc. Once I got in, every member was super helpful and had patience for questions I had. Learning in an accepting environment helped me grow fast. I now have new skills and have side income which showed me there’s no limit to how much you can make. It’s up to you. You’re your own boss. Make money and friends along the way.

Rodrigo L.

Member since 2018

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Got questions? Explore our FAQ section to find the information you need to help you get started on your journey to obtaining.

How do I get started?
Join our community by clicking the Get Started button on top of our homepage. Make sure to have the Discord app installed as we are based on Discord.
What kind of collectibles do you guys cover?
We cover nearly everything that is considered a collectible. Signed memorabilia, Funko Pops, Trading Cards, Hot Wheels, Vinyl records, Disney, Coins, and much more.
How much is a monthly subscription to IHOF?
Joining the community is free of charge, however, a premium membership to unlock perks and benefits range from $19.99-$49.99 a month depending on which membership tier you choose.
How can I expect to benefit from being a premium member of IHOF?
Premium membership grants you access to our resources to help you succeed in obtaining collectibles that often sell out in minutes time. It's difficult now adays to be on top of when restocks occur or when sudden releases happen. We provide monitors that scrape stores in real-time for product releases/changes that will alert you the second it happens. We also provide exclusive information on profitable items to ensure you're one of the first to score. Our success speaks for itself.
What separates IHOF from its competitors?
Our community and experience. The community is welcoming, non-toxic, and established since 2017. Our information is exclusive and we are usually the first to releases before others discover. Our staff have 10+ years of experience with collectibles and we have members that have stayed with us for years.